The Vaudeville Theatre is situated on The Strand in central London. It’s one of the smallest theatres in London with only 690 seats, making it the perfect venue for intimate productions such as The Importance of Being Earnest London. It opened in 1870 but has been rebuilt twice; the current auditorium is a rectangular shape rather than the traditional curve.

The theatre is split over three levels; the Stalls, the Dress Circle and the Upper Circle. It is best to contact the theatre directly if you have any mobility or sight issues.


The Stalls –  The Stalls is the largest seating section in the Vaudeville Theatre, going from row AY at the front to row S at the back. There is no dividing aisle down the centre and there are no pillars, meaning that most seats have a good view. All of the seats fall inside the proscenium arch so there are no seats with an awkward side on view. There is a relatively steep rake so that audience members nearer the back can see over the heads in front.

The Dress Circle – This section is much smaller than the Stalls so you’re never far from the stage. The only problem with the Dress Circle are the pillars at either end of Row F, which obstruct the view from some of the seats behind.

The Upper Circle – The Upper Circle is only nine rows deep so still feels close to the stage despite being the highest level. The rake is quite steep though, so if you have a fear of heights it would be best to sit in one of the lower sections.

Vaudeville Theatre

Seating plan of the Vaudeville Theatre London

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